Posted on December 11 2017

Australian pro surfer Wade Goodall on the Superbrand Magic Mix. As seen on the recent 2017 Tracks Ride Guide:

First Impressions
"The dimensions of the Sparrow are really suited for me and it feels really good under the arm and well balanced with the weight. All those signs make you really excited about a board. I’m excited to ride it because it was shaped by Sparrow who I rode boards for when I was little," Wade Goodall.

Tester’s comments
"I rode the Magic Mix in small, 2 foot beachies and it was really lively and super quick. It was extremely whippy off the top too, to the point where it was so easy to blow it out that you could tone it down a bit and still get good release. I thought it would be such a good board for someone who wanted to start turning quicker and more freely than they have been. It releases when trying to do some fun stuff without having to try as hard. Someone that surfs well would appreciate this board and have a lot of fun in a variety of conditions. I think it’s a good four-foot and under board just because of all the release, and in smaller stuff you’d be having fun."

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