Posted on October 19 2017

Our mates from Surfing Life Australia and Aussie ripper Sheldon Simkus share their thoughts on the Superbrand Siamese Twin fin...

"This was the board I picked outta the board bag and just immediately knew it was gonna be fun. And it didn’t disappoint. It was the best of all the test boards," says Sheldon.

"The SST is a super-loose board that was amazing to turn, especially off the top. I’m dead keen to ride this board more. I feel like the board would really excel in a long point break chest-high or under. It’s bread and butter would be two-to-three foot, down the line waves… especially on your forehand. When the wave gets a little sucky the board just takes off and you’ve just gotta hang on. It’s that fast," he adds.

"I rode it on a fun little right that looked made for a twin. I really wish the conditions were just a bit cleaner, and then it woulda went properly off. As it was, there was a little chop on the face that I thought could bog down the channels."

"In saying that, the board was really drivey. Almost too much speed down the line. But damn, when you got your feet in the right spot this board was so nice to turn! It sure was a nice change from surfing a thruster.:

"The board was really to easy to paddle, being a little bit thicker than I’m used to. And because all the volume is under the front foot you never had to force anything when you were up and riding. It all just came together."

"The board really works!"

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